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Zu – igneo

Posted on: July 31, 2007

Heavy jazz stuff. Zu from Rome, Italy fuse Jazz with a Punk-Attitude and hit you like a tornado. It starts chaotic with “The Elusive Character of Victory”, gets more structural with “Solar Anus”, but never fits into one specific form. John Zorn loves this shit and it was recorded 2002 in the legendary Electrical Audio Studios by Steve Albini, mastermind of Shellac and producer of uncountable noise and indie-records. Noise Jazz? Maybe.

The Thanks-list offers a wide spectrum of musicians:

Ken Vandermark, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lomberg-Holm (all three performing on some tracks on the record!!), Postrock legend Karate, Canadian Punkband NoMeansNo (“Motörhead after art school”), DJ Okapi and the release is dedicated to Avantgarde-Punkrockers from The Ex!

Zu are not a rockband, not a jazzband, they destroy boundaries and Sun Ra lives on. A collaborative with Dälek is going to be released in the next month, this collo looks promising.

It´s igneous.


4 Responses to "Zu – igneo"

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really interesting stuff. thanks.

a collabo of zu and dälek? that could be awesome!

yeah, I can´t wait to listen to this colloboration, hope it will be released soon, can´t find any further information, sorry

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