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The BadMan

Posted on: July 26, 2007

In the 90ties of the last century german hip hop reached the national charts. Most of the artists had funny and/or serious lyrics, both presented in intelligent ways. Only a few acts were able to stay at the top of the international hiphop-standard, some of them release fine records until today. But since a few years german hiphop has changed, now mainly called rap by it artists and dominated from gangsta-macho-bullshit. The lyrics are full of sexism, homophobia, racism and glorify the life as a (wannabe-) gangsta. The “artists” preach violence against women and minorities, rapping about the tough life in german ghettos (of course there are no ghettos you might compare with the situation of some US-cities, when gangsta rap did rise at the beginning of the nineties in the USA). Well, business as usual???

Some of these rappers, children of immigrants, mix this gangsta attitude with their muslim identity. “Massiv” from Berlin is not only selling thousands of records, he also drops lines comparing himself with the Taliban. Okay, his lifestyle and his bling bling rap contradicts with the goals of the Taliban, but some sort of german rappers use the vocabulary of the Jihad and glorify antisemitic terrorists. Now “Bözemann” (The Bad Man) from Stuttgart, not as half as popular as “Massiv”, published a battlerap-track on youtube, disses “Massiv” in harsh ways. In the crappy and violent video he raps – of course – uncountable homophobic and violent lines. So once again: business as usual??

Even if you accept this as standard, the “Bözemann” track is not business as usual. At the end of the video he buried “Massive”, putting up a cross (but “criticizing” the rapper from Berlin to drag the Koran in the mud and saying he is not a real muslim) with his name and a Magen David. At his website “Bözemann” wrote:

Massive […] for sure you are not a muslim, you are a jew

(Du bist mit Sicherheit kein Moslem du bist mit Sicherheit Jude)

We are writing the year 2007 and jew again is an invective. And the jewish producer Ilan from Berlin was marked as a “geldgeilerJude” [a Jew, be dead keen on money]. Who did say this? Fler and Spencer, two also very popular german gangsta rapper.

60 years after the Holocaust, antisemitism is a problem of muslim immigrants in Germany? No, for sure not. Without the white, german suburban middleclass kids this kind of rap would never be that big. And the antisemitism from this “artists” is falling on fertile ground. Antisemitic “Neue Deutsche Welle”?

If you understand german, read this interesting interview on antisemitism in german rap.


4 Responses to "The BadMan"

Hi there!

I just found my way onto this blog and I think, it’s great. But this post right here is a bit populistic. I’m from Switzerland and german rap is quite big here. But the attention you’re giving acts like “Bözemann” – who (according to my knowledge) hasn’t even released anything yet is disturbing.

I follow german rap since the mid-90s and in these days of youtube, myspace etc. everybody can release ignorant, racist, etc. bullshit. since gangsta rap is now dominating german hip hop, everybody wants to get a piece of the cake. and how do you do that? By being badder, bigger, more ignorant and so on than the ones before you. Since Massiv, who isn’t actually a typical kind of german rapper, has evolved, there are plenty of cats who want to be tougher than him to get attention… – Bözemann is none other and I assure you, Bözemann is being laughed at, similar to ‘Reh Dogg’ from Illseed’s Allhiphop.com-rumors.

And please don’t throw the kids in there. Especially not the suburban middleclass kids. They don’t buy that crap for antisemitical reasons. They but that, because it suggests them, that behind the germany they know, is a tougher one. The one, where the gangsters are. And you know, big cities like Berlin/Frankfurt etc. have quite rough neighbourhoods. The people who live there – mostly immigrants – are ‘tougher’, ‘cooler’, get more attention than them, so they buy ‘their’ music, because they wanna be cool too. And they don’t give a fuck about antisemitism or not – as long as it’s ‘cool’. But hey – which country in the world has got kids who are interested in policits? At least which first world-country?

But the REALLY disturbing thing is that you actually think, you could throw artists like Fler (of german heritage) and Massiv (palestinian I suppose) into the same scheme. The antisemitism of german rappers of muslim heritage is similar to the antisemitism I know from many muslim people. An artist like Fler played with the whole nazi-thing for attention in the media – which he got! Fler is a good rapper, definitely one of the best germany has, but the marketing schemes behind him are argueable. But don’t forget: If germany didn’t have problems with it’s own history (which is VERY tragic, once you get a little bit into it). And if you even use symbols similar to the ones used in the nazi-period, you get attention from overreacting politics – I mean, he used an eagle for his promo – a freaking EAGLE!!! – and everybody cried “Nazi, Nazi!” – if he has to do such things to get attention – hell, why not? Even if he shows himself with a german FLAG (of the present time, not from befor ’45) they cry “Nazi” – does any italian musician who waives a flag of his country get called a facist? No. Germany has a problem with it’s own history and german press does – obviously – not dig to deep into the whole thing with these rappers, because it’s easy earned money. “Antisemitism is published through rap which is the music most listened to by our young, so we blame rap.” – that’s good for both sides. Older people buy/watch that crap against rap and younger “rebels” buy rap for “exactly the same reason”. – Fuck that.

And you know, the “geldgeiler Jude”-comment from Fler to Ilan lies on only one source: Bushido. And if you dig just a little bit into his evolution as an artist, you’d see that he isn’t quite reliable a source as this blog is for good music… 😉

Keep up your good work!

hi, thank you for your detailed oppinion, I always appreciate to recieve some contrary reactions. und danke für die blumen! 🙂

but I don´t think that it is important that Bözeman don´t has a regular release yet, maybe this is the reason why he is able to rap more authentic than the musicians with a major deal. the songs these rappers produce mirrors the reality and what the kids from the streets think quite more realistic. it´s not a “one way” influence, not only from artists “down” to the kids, also vice versa.

I agree with you that being tough is a way of promotion, to get attention. but why do they try to reach this attention by preaching hate against minorities in every shade of xenophobias, from homophobia to antisemitism? because they really hate gays and some also the jews. they use antisemitic stereotypes to diss other rappers, because they believe in this stereotypes and have a hostility towards jews. and they don´t only rap about women like sextoys (they don´t seem to be human beings in some lyrics) because they think this gives them tougher image, they are sexistic machos.

ok, some of the kids buy that shit cause they wanna be cool. but why don´t they speak out against this? is it okay if kids don´t have a problem with sexism, antisemitism etc? maybe that is standard, the mainstream oppinions also deals with this xenophobias. but I also speak out against them. in this case I do it furthermore cause I´m in love with hip hop, a music once started with the aim of equal rights for everyone. so I don´t blame it on rap music, like almost all media does, I blame it on the artists who preach hate. not hip hop is the problem, this artists are the problem.

to keep it short: if Bözeman uses jew as an invective and the kids only laugh about his missing skills, and don´t speak out against his antisemitism or just don´t care about it, that is the scandal!

and germans don´t have a problem with their history, they just telling this themselves and the whole world every time they have the chance to, so they are able to whine about this imaginary problems. “we” aren´t allowed to love our country, we aren´t allowed to wave our flag … they want to tell the world: we learned from our history and now we want to be allowed to be nationalists (what many people are since 1945 (and in growing parts since 1989!), it is just a lie that germans have a problem with patriotism and to love their country), we want to be allowed to go to war again and so on. german don´t want to talk anylonger about national-socialism, antisemitism and the shoah. they say the discussion has to stop, we are a new germany now (of course the federal republic of germany can´t be compared with the 3. Reich), but you can find so many post-nationalsocialist ideologies and fragments of this ideology in german mainstream oppinions. if german would ever had a problem with their history and the nation (and not only a few academics and journalists), that shouldn´t be possible.
all this whinig about “the problem with own history” is a warm welcomed opportunity to end all discussion.

and finally, to come back to Bözeman, if the media only gets excited about his sexism, but don´t writes one word about his antisemitism, you can see how good it is working. antisemitism is on the rise again, but nobody wants to talk about it, cause that was a problem of the nazis, not of the new germany….

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