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“to find the baddest femme in the club and make her your girl”

Posted on: July 25, 2007

all copyrights Village Voice

Homophobia and/or Sexism in general is a serious annoyance in some parts of Hip Hop music, in the Reggae scene it´s even worse. Some people try to explain it by cultural reasons, but there are no excuses for homophobia. In the Village Voice is an article worth reading: Girls to Men

In Brooklyn lesbian hip hop girls dress in boyish thug-hip-hop gear and act like hustlers. The scene is largely cut off from the rest of the gay and lesbian community and someone told the Village Voice, that “it gets rougher each year, and it has a lot to do with who their idol is and who they want to image themselves after, like these thug rappers”.

Gender trouble, acquisition of male gender roles or just a reproduction of these roles? Before you make up your mind, visit Homorevolution. The music is boring, but gay hip hop artists speaking out loud & proud is a new phenomenon.


2 Responses to "“to find the baddest femme in the club and make her your girl”"

Hey, la verdad es que, pese a que el HipHop movement es (originalmente) un movimiento de lucha contra la desigualdad, contra la discriminación, etc., igual la homofobia no es un tema muy tratado por los que lo llevamos a cabo en países de Sudamérica… Yo creo que es un tema que en el corto plazo va a dar mucho que hablar y, así como en el resto de los espacios de la vida, el movimiento hiphop gay (de hombres y de chicas) va a ir agarrando fuerza si es que ya no está en camino…

saludos desde Chile!!

yes, I think it is on it´s way, no doubt. and I also think it couldn´t be stopped, but it will divide hip hop music even more. I am not sad about this, hip hop “es (originalmente) un movimiento de lucha contra la desigualdad”, so let us go back to the roots in mind and forward in music, the dumb heads left behind us.

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